Maison Maitland Creates Destination Video

Feb 29, 2024

Capturing the audience in the first 30 seconds and keeping them wanting more is key when creating that first iconic video for a new tourism destination. And It’s no small feat.  First, we needed to find the right film company. The search did not take long, when we kept asking who the best was, it always came back to one person – local Mitch Beattie and the crew at Beattie Film.

Mitch Beattie at Maison Maitland
The courtyard at Maison Maitland

Having shot in over 15 countries, Mitch had a keen eye for beauty and being able to capture the special places and people that make great content on film. His films told a story and that was what we were looking for. After our initial conversation, we got down to work to build out the desired outcomes, story boards, and shooting schedule.

While the final product is around 2 minutes, it took a lot of footage and editing to finalize the video. We shot the outside last September when the property was still in bloom and green. The interiors and cooking shots were in late November.

Highlighting the best of the property can be very subjective to the filmmaker and the owner. Lucky for us we were both on the same page. We asked Mitch what he loved the most when filming:

“What captured my eye the most was how elegant yet cozy both the cooking and rental suite spaces were. I had been into the space previously filming weddings, and the changes made were beautiful since I had last visited! You don’t feel like you’re in a residential neighbourhood. It’s as if you’ve stepped in a piece of historical paradise! You could spend a lot of time looking at all of the details that make up this space”

It was important to both of us to capture the heart of Maison Maitland, from its historical beauty to the taste of place it offers, not only with the cooking classes, but the conviviality it evokes when guests dine together with family and friends, whether in the main Maison or in the holiday villas. We wanted to catch on film – a destination that creates a sense of gracious European life, for guests to experience and fondly remember when they return home. We think we did and hope you will love it as much as we do and share it with others.

You can catch the video here or on our new YouTube channel.


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